Offre d’Emploi FLE : 17/05/2020 – Professeur de français – Chine

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Titre : 17/05/2020 – Professeur de français – Chine
Catégories : Asie, Emploi FLE
Lieu : Chine
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We Are Looking for
University French Teachers

HBUT in Wuhan
Hubei University of Technology (HBUT) is a Tier 1 university in Wuhan. It is located at 28 Nanli Road, Hongshan District, Wuchang. It is a multidisciplinary university offering degrees in Engineering, Literature, Science, Art, Economics, Management, Law and Education. HBUT now has 62 undergraduate programs and 75 Master’s degree programs with over 20,000 Chinese students and over 700 foreign students. It has established partnerships with more than 80 universities, colleges, and research institutes from more than a dozen countries and regions such as the USA, Germany, France, the UK, Canada etc. 30 Full-time foreign teachers are currently working at HBUT.
For more information on HBUT, please refer to

Job Description
Primary duties involve teaching French as a Second Language. Classes are often focused on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
Minimum Qualification and Requirements
Bachelor’s degree
Teaching Experience
At least two years of teaching experience(with reference letters), OR
Hold a degree in Education or French Literature.
Language ability
Native speaker, OR

Benefits package
From 10,000 RMB with a degree bonus(for Master, an additional 300RMB, for PHD an additional 500RMB)for up to 20 class hours (45 minutes each) per week, no office hours.
On a full year contract (1 semester probation period), work for 8 months (19weeks×2), get paid for 9.
Paid public holidays (including the Mid-autumn festival, China’s National Day, and the May Day holiday) when applicable.
Reimbursement for international airfare to a maximum value of 12,000 RMB per year.
A temporary work visa in China.
Health insurance.
Help on arrival: free airport pickup, student interpreter.
A rent-free air conditioned fully furnished studio apartment for singles: 2 bedroom apartment for couples. Western bathroom. Cooking and eating utensils supplied. Refrigerator, gas stove ,microwave, washing machine and Internet access included. Gas and water free.
Reasonable electricity use is covered.
Free Chinese lessons.

Application Process
Please send your application including ALL of the following documents:
CV/Resume together with a recent photo
A copy of your degree with authentication attached
A photocopy of the photo Page of your valid passport
Written proof of Relevant Work History
Send to: Emily
– China now requires all degrees to be Authenticated(Legalized).Contact Dan Churchman for further details ,or visit the website of your local Chinese Consulate
– Relevant work history: If your experience requirement is being met by your work history ,documentary proof (e.g. official reference letters)must be provided.

Contact information
For ESL Teacher Recruitment: Emily Liu, Tel 13437298868.

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