Offre d’Emploi FLE : 23/03/2019 – French teacher for the children of 4-8 years old – Chine

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Titre : 23/03/2019 – French teacher for the children of 4-8 years old – Chine
Catégories : Asie, Emploi FLE
Lieu : Chine
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JOB TITLE:French teacher for the children of 4-8 years old (Full Time)

JOB LOCATION:ChangNing District, Shanghai


Petit ChouChou, founded in 2016 in Shanghai is the leader of French language and culture training for children. “Original mode, Culture driven, Profession manner” are three core values of Petit ChouChou which bring a high level qualified service to more than 500 families.

With the network of 3 branches in different district in Shanghai and over 30 employees, Petit ChouChou has a 200% annual growth rate in 2017-2018.

Petit ChouChou brings the original French course designed for the children of 4-8 years old with a new concept of Atelier. Focusing on the children in bilingual and international kindergartens and primary schools, Petit ChouChou has a reputation as the most professional and specific minority language course outside the schools in the market. This course, mainly organized during the weekend, is lead 100% by foreign teachers with the support of another 2 assistant teachers. In French mode oriented, Petit ChouChou has its own original textbooks and pedagogical structure.

REPORT TO: Pedagogical Director of Petit ChouChou

This position reports to the Pedagogical Director of Petit ChouChou with the arrangement of course, pedagogical supervision and preparation of lessons.


  • Lead the class of 10-12 children with the support of assistant teachers;
  • Execute and follow the pedagogical structure of the project;
  • Support to develop and optimize the project and the textbook;
  • Develop the E-Learning application;
  • Prepare for the necessary support to the lessons;
  • Regular reports of the class situation;

No.35, LouShanGuan Rd, ChangNing District, Shanghai



  • Child-teacher background with at least 2 years experience;
  • Strong / Confident sense of regulating of the children in class;
  • Strong sense of pedagogical structure;
  • Good competency of multi-media;
  • Good conscious of patience and strong affinity;
  • Team spirit within an international environment;
  • Open-minded with a good communication skill;


  • Preference of Diplome FLE or « professeur en disponibilité »
  • Ability to develop the educational application in IPAD etc.;
  • A good language competency in English
  • Project management experience in an international organization
  • Flexibility to work during the weekend as needed
  • Ability to work with cross-function team with good influencing skills
  • No Criminal Record within 6 months is needed


  • Salary: 15K.RMB after tax with a basic number of lessons;
  • Visa and assurance include;
  • Round-trip Flight include;

If you are interested in the position, don’t hesitate and send your CV and your motivation letter to the mail address: and .

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